Top 5 Best Fly Line – 2022 Info & Buyer’s Guide

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what best fly line is, then we recommend the Rio Gold Fly Line as the best one.

A fly line is one of the most significant pieces of fly fishing gear. That is because the best fly line connects you to your catch by carrying a fly to the fish. Since it plays such a vital role, it is fundamental to purchase an excellent line as part of your fishing equipment.

It is easy to spend a lot of time browsing different fly line types on the market, especially if you are a newbie in the industry. In this perspective, we compiled this review to assist you in making the right decision when exploring for a suitable fly line.

In this article we are going to review the following best fly line:

Buying Guide: How to choose the best fly line

Scouting for a best fly line can sometimes be a daunting and challenging process. This is because the market is flooded with a wide range of types and sizes. Getting the right fly line requires some level of research and knowledge of what your needs are.

Regardless of whether you are an amateur or a seasoned veteran, here are a few points you can use to assist you in getting the right fly fishing line.


At present, most fly lines don bright colors such as yellow and red, which makes them easily visible. However, there is no better, brighter color than the other; all that matters is your taste and preference. According to fishing experts, fly fishing lines that are bright tend to be ideal when fishing with floating lines. Conversely, fly fishing lines with a subdued color like grey or dark green tend to be excellent when fishing using a sinking line.

Bright colored fly line

Loop stability

One of the most significant aspects that make fly lines so unique is their casting capability. And to have a perfect cast, loop stability undoubtedly should list among the attributes your fly line has, since without this feature, your fishing experience could be compromised.

According to fishing pundits, loop stability happens to be the leading determinant of an exemplary casting line. It determines the ease with which your fishing line unfurls while casting, and thus establishes whether you get a pleasant or a bad cast.

A line with good loop stability tends to ensure the fly’s speed does not get too low. This enables it to fight the effects of gravity. If your line lacks proper loop stability, the other aspects that determine a good cast, such as weight and distance, will not have any impact.


Fly lines come in different weights and are measured in grains. The lines range from 1–weight (60 grains) to 15-weight (550 grains). The fly fishing line’s weight is significant as it directly impacts the fish you intend to catch and the type of fly you will use.

Usually, heavy fishing lines tend to make a lot of noise during casting, scaring any target fish approaching. It is always best to use a light fly line when fishing for lightweight trout.

On the contrary, if you intend to use a large streamer with a light fishing line, you might have poor control over the fly and the cast. You can use the following tips to choose the suitable weight for your line:

  • 1– to 3-weight: Suitable for catching small fish and larger trout that inhabit tiny streams.
  • 4-weight: They are ideal for catching large trout where the fisherman does not have to make long casts.
  • 5-weight: They are suitable for all-round trout fishing.
  • 7-weight: Ideal for fishing in larger rivers
  • 8-weight and above: Ideal for fishing saltwater fish in large rivers and lakes.

Fly Line Chart

Number DesignationStandard WeightIdeal Fly Size
1-weight60 grains16-28
2-weight80 grains14-28
3-weight100 grains12-24
4-weight120 grains10-22
5-weight140 grains6-18
6-weight160 grains4-16
7-weight185 grains2-14
8-weight210 grains1/0-10
9-weight240 grains2/0-8
10-weight280 grains4/0-2
11-weight330 grains
12-weight380 grains
13-weight450 grains
14-weight500 grains
15-weight550 grains

Casting distance

The fly line’s casting distance depends on the size and material used in making the line. If the fishing line happens to be huge and thick, you might not be able to cast long distances than when you make use of thin and light fishing lines.

Therefore, it is always best to settle for a fishing line made of light material to give you extra casting distance.

Fly fishing line tapers

Due to the vast assortment of tapers in fly fishing lines, selecting the best can be a time-consuming task, especially for amateurs. Typically, tapers determine how energy is distributed during the casting process. Most fly fishers prefer a weight-forward taper due to its ability to handle casting sessions in both still and moving water.

At present, the market is witnessing the growing popularity of double tapers, although they are only limited to short and medium trout found in moving water only.


The outer coating on a fishing line plays an instrumental role in determining the fishing tool’s durability. At present, many manufacturers prefer applying a PVC coating on lines due to their flexibility, softness, and durability attributes. Other manufacturers choose to use polyurethane as a base material, ensuring the fishing line remains resistant to cracking for extended periods.

Types of fly fishing lines

At the moment, there are 3 basic types of fly lines, namely:

  • Floating fly line: This is by far the most standard used fly line, and it does precisely what the name suggests, floating. If you are a beginner in fly fishing, you might want to use this line for your fishing expeditions.
  • Sinking fly line: They are usually ideal for catching fish feeding at a particular depth below water. They usually are used when fishing in deep waters such as lakes and large ponds. The deeper the fish, the faster sinking line you should consider using.
  • Sinking tip fly line: This fly line combines the attributes of both floating and sinking lines. It allows you to catch fish that feed at some distance below the water while reducing your line’s chances of getting tangled underwater.

What is the best fly line?

Now that you have a little bit of information that will help you make the right selection; we can delve into the best fly lines available in the market.

Rio Gold Fly Line

If you are looking for an all-round fishing line, you might want to consider the Rio Gold. It prides itself on having ultra-low stretch performance capabilities that offer progressive sensitivity for comfortable line lifts, precise mends, and better cast timing.

Its lack of stretch ensures you have better detection and reaction time of fine catches, while its tapered design ensures the line has loop stability that is ideal for presenting flies. Another outstanding attribute of the Rio Gold is its long head, which makes it a good fishing line for rivers.


  • Low-stretch benefits
  • Has a 47-foot head length and its 90 feet long
  • Suitable for all-round fishing
  • Increased loop stability


  • If you are using a fast action rod, it might feel extremely light

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Infinity Fly Line

For starters, the Scientific Angler Amplitude Infinity fly line is one of the few products that features AST and slickness technology for extreme shooting ability and increased durability.

The Scientific Angler Amplitude Infinity is available in triple textured lines and triple color with loops at the tips of both its ends.

One of the outstanding features that you will notice with this fly line is its black cider section at the line’s tail end. Despite its thin appearance, it can easily catch some of the heavy fishes such as the Tarpon, thanks to its 100-pound core design.

It also has a black marker at the tail end, which gives you a visual advantage when fishing. For instance, if you locate a fish running, you will know how far the fish is from your line by looking at the end.

With the Scientific Angler Amplitude Infinity line, you will not have difficulty locating bait as it is available in three different line weights. At our desk, what captured our attention is its ability to shoot precisely.

Its shooting and floating capability are like a dream; it works as advertised.


  • Easy to cast
  • The line is smooth
  • Multicolored
  • Offers ultimate floatation


  • Gives a hissing sound during casting

Scientific Anglers Air Cel Floating Line

Fishers who are just getting started in the fly fishing sport need reliable entry-level fishing gear. And as the name insinuates, the Scientific Anglers, as a company, put a great deal of effort into their fishing gear’s technology to ensures both beginners and experienced anglers enjoy high-quality service from their fishing lines.

The Scientific Anglers Air Cel is a floating fishing line that offers excellent value and performance since its inception decades ago.

While it might not have many bells and whistles attached to it, the Scientific Angler gets right the simple function of a fly fishing line.

It features all the properties a fly fishing line requires, such as durability, tapers, and good floatation, which works well with panfish fishing, trout fishing, and bass species fishing.

If you are on a budget, the Scientific Angler Air might be an excellent choice for you. It is easily comparable to high-quality models and works almost as well.


  • Value for money
  • Superior quality
  • Floats well


  • Needs regular cleaning
  • Fairly light

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Line

The Piscifun Sword fly fishing line is an innovative PVC coated line with impressive quality performance, excellent casting distance, and high durability. According to fishing pundits, this weight forward fishing line is arguably one of the best fishing lines in the market today.

As a weight forward floating line, the Piscifun Sword is an allrounder fishing line that is well designed and comes in various color schemes.

If you look closely, you will notice this fly line stands out from the rest due to its strong winding and high-quality design. You will also see it has a longer head design, which makes the hook part a bit heavier. This, in turn, makes it an ideal line for any weather condition.


  • Wonderful casting
  • Easy to spool
  • Easy to connect to the real
  • Spot on tapers


  • Its light nature makes it tricky to use in windy conditions
  • Sinks after spending some time in the water

KastKing Exergy Fly Fishing Line

The KastKing Exergy is a unique fly fishing line with a bellied design built with a long-running line and a short front taper. This design ensures it has a high-performance cast and a successful fishing expedition regardless of the weather.

When you look at its price range, you might be tempted to categorize it as a low-quality fishing line. However, the quality and benefits the KastKing Exergy fly line offers are beyond average.

The inner-core is designed uniquely with the center having a polyethylene string, which ensures the line remains firm and dependable. It is also coated using a PVC material that keeps it smooth, allowing water to flow through the rails without any opposition.

Another thing that makes this fly line stand out is the presence of loops on both sides, which supports easy and quick changing jobs for fishers regardless of experience.


  • Available in 4 different colors
  • Eco-friendly as it decomposes naturally over time
  • Laser printed on the tips
  • Floating line, weight forward, high performance


  • The end takes a few seconds to find


For this review, selecting the best out of the best was a challenging task. This is because of a few reasons we are going to mention below:

  • Most of them are similar in terms of performance and price range
  • Every line is unique in its way, and it requires you to spend some time figuring out whether it goes well with your personality and fishing needs.
  • Settling on a fly fishing line is very much dependent on personal preference and style.

But since our main target is people who are purchasing their first line or are just starting in fly fishing, we will shortlist the most user-friendly fly fishing line.

According to our analysis, the Piscifun Sword and the Rio Gold fly line are the two most user-friendly fishing lines for beginners thanks to their easy setup and control.

Piscifun Sword: if you want a durable all-terrain, all-weather fly line, then the Piscifun Sword should be among your first choice. It is a bit inexpensive than other brands, but most users claim it casts better than most fly lines.

Rio Gold: If you are looking for a fly line that offers a perfect casting experience, you might want to consider Rio Gold. Although it is a bit pricey, it offers value for money, floats well, and shoots great.

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